Let It be

And when the broken-hearted people
Living in the world agree
There will be an answer
Let it be

For though they may be parted there is
Still a chance that they will see
There will be an answer
Let it be


■ Nail polish – Kosmetik by Merredyth Resident – Gel Nails.aspire @ Elite, open until October 3.
* Compatible with Slink/Maitreya/Vista (works with Absolut Vendetta Nails)/Omega ‖‖ Color hud of 18 colors for 150L.
✉ Kosmetik: Mainstore ‖‖ Marketplace ‖‖ Website ‖‖ Facebook ‖‖ Flickr ‖‖ Flickr Group

■ Rings – Slipper Originals by EllePolygon – Liz Bento Rings @ Designer Circle, open until September 29.
* Left and right hand both has 4 customizable rings ‖‖ Turn on/off on each ring ‖‖ Hud has 12 stone colors and 6 metal colors ‖‖ Compatible with Maitreya and Slink Dynamic hands ‖‖ Hud is 199L.
✉  Slipper Originals: Mainstore ‖‖  Marketplace ‖‖  Blog ‖‖  Flickr ‖‖  Flickr Group ‖‖  Facebook

■ Hair – Argrace by Rika Oyen – Mayu.
■ Eyes – Arte by Miriam Lemondrop – Myst Eyes.
■ Lashes – Okkbye by Elisaokkbye – Chunky.
■ Bento head – Catwa by Catwa Clip – Catya.
■ Body/Bento hands – Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle – Lara.
■ Jacket – Flite by Liam Cole – Crave @ Uber, open until October 23.
■ Pose – She_Avi Poses by Lulyboop – Blow away the autumn leaves.
■ Photography tool –  LUMIPro.

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Let It be

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