Losing control

Featuring Dark Passions Lots Of Love Gacha Nail Appliers at the Gacha Garden & Giulia Design Shelly outfit at Designer Showcase.

“She’s falling in love now, losing control now. Fighting the truth, trying to hide but I think it’s alright girl. Despite her past, she can’t help the attraction. He tells her that he’s nothing like the last one. He redefines in every way what love is.
She fell for him and hasn’t gotten up since. Every now and then she goes off, though
beating on his chest like a bongo, he understands she’s coming from a hurt place.” 
Russ – Losin control.


Featured items
■ Nail Appliers: Dark Passions by Bcreative Wilde – New! Lots of Love Gacha @ The Gacha Garden, open until February 28.
*10 commons and 1 rare, 50L per play ‖‖ Hud with different options for Maitreya/Slink/Omega hand and toenails ‖‖ Showing the Rare Heart Full Of Roses Nails & the gift for the Seed Of Inspiration for those that play 20 times, Love & Beyond ‖‖ Flickr Ad Picture.

 Dark Passions  Mainstore ‖‖ Marketplace ‖‖ Facebook  ‖‖ Flickr ‖‖ Flickr Group  ‖‖ Blog ‖‖ Plurk.

■ Outfit: Giulia Design by Giulia Aura – New! Shelly @ Designer Showcase, open until February 28.
*Dress compatible with Belleza/Maitreya/Slink, comes with jewelry(necklace and bracelet are resizable) and boots.

✉ Giulia Design  Marketplace ‖‖ Facebook ‖‖ Facebook Page ‖‖ Flickr ‖‖ Flickr Group.

✉ Designer Showcase Open today! → Inworld Location ‖‖ Facebook Page ‖‖ Blog ‖‖ Flickr ‖‖ Flickr Group ‖‖ Owner Aisha Convair.

More credits
■ Head: Catwa by Catwa Clip – Catya.
■ Body: Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle – Lara.
■ Skin: Revoul by HighCache & Revoul Resident – New! Shantel.
■ Shape (modified): New Faces by Gwen Aloix – Marcela.
■ Eyes: Besom by Kattington – New! Bambi lens collection @ Kurenai, open until February 28.
■ Eyeshadow: Suicidal Unborn by Eleanor Cyberstar – Oksana.
■ Lipstick: Bossie. by Miraleen – Bubble.
■ Bites: The Crone by December Larkham – New! Bitten @ The Coven, open until February 28.
■ Lip Piercing: Code-5 by Kellylingus – Alegra V01.
■ Hair: Argrace by Rika Oyen – Yura.
■ Nails: Empire by Queenshop – Coffin Nails Long.
■ Pose: Belle Poses by Antonia Millar – Nefertiti 3.
■ Backdrop: Modulus by Chucky Hollak – Macabre Alleyway.
■ Photography tool: LUMIPro by Stefan Buscaylet.
■ Windlight: Phototools Owlery Light.

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Russ Losin Control





Losing control

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