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Featuring House Of Ruby Unisex Sheer T-Shirt at Swank Events & Venge Hooked Oni Mask at The Men Jail Event.

Featuring items

Shirt: House Of Ruby by Olgita Ruby – New! Sheer T-Shirt for Him Unisex
@ Swank Event, open until March 31.

*Comes in 2 packs, Amour and Glam, with a hud of 6 options, 136L per pack.
*Appliers for Belleza/Omega/Slink Bodies.

✉ House Of Ruby [HoR] is a We Love To Blog Designer:
Mainstore  ‖‖  Marketplace  ‖‖  Blog  ‖‖   Flickr  ‖‖  Flickr Group  ‖‖   Facebook  ‖‖  Facebook Page.


Mask: Venge by Vixn Dagger – New! Hooked Oni Mask
@ The Men Jail, open until March 28.

*Mask comes with a texture change hud of 5 colors for 159L.
*Flickr Ad Picture.

✉ Venge: 
Mainstore  ‖‖  Marketplace  ‖‖  Blog  ‖‖  Blog 2  ‖‖  Flickr  ‖‖  Flickr Group  ‖‖   Facebook  ‖‖  Plurk


More Credits
Head/Body: Signature by Mona Delpiaz – Geralt.
Hair: Sintiklia by Sintikliasims – Lindy.
Belt/Harness/Pants: Gabriel by Takuya Jinn – Armor.
Build: Varonis by ZaraSuto – Coven Background Skybox Scene.
Pose: Spartin Parx Pose by Spartin Parx – No Joy 9.

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