Is there life after breakfast?

Featuring Raindale Springbell Furniture Gacha at Cosmopolitan.

“Lift yourself out of the doldrums make yourself a cuppa tea. Drag your emotions out of the gutter, don’t wallow in self-pity. When you wake up, all of a fluster thinking life has passed you by. Give yourself a kick up the backside, jump out of bed and punch the sky.”

Featuring items

Furniture: Raindale by Keiralans Resident – New! Springbell Gacha
@ Cosmopolitan, open until March 24.

*Gacha collection of 11 no-copy/modify/transfer prizes, 10 commons and 1 rare Cottage, all have materials enabled.
*Common prizes are:

➀ Fridge with color hud of 5 (1Li)
➁➂➄ Kitchen Cabinets (1Li each)
➃ Shelves, 2 versions included (1Li)
➅ Sink Cabinet with water and sound on touch (2Li)
➆ Table (1Li)
➇➈➉ Chairs with 12 sit animations, you win 2 chairs per color pack: Beige and Brown, Blue and Pink, Yellow and Teal (1Li)

*Rare Springbell Cottage has 2 floors, 70 Land Impact (Li) and footprint of 18×15, the door is scripted with Kooldoor system.
*Gacha is 50L per play.
*Flickr Ad Picture:

Important Note: Land impact will change if you resize the objects!


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More credits
Bakingset/Curtain/ Rug/Apron: Dust Bunny by Lxl Noel – At Home Baking/Woodland Dreams Branch Curtain/Braided Rug/Brunch Hanging Apron.
Lamp: Sway’s by Sway Dench – Jasper Concrete Floor Lamp.
Broom/Plates/Toast: Apple Fall by Warehousefifteendesigns – Straw Broom/Elvira Plate with Egg, Avocado & Toast/Swan Toast Caddy & Toast.
Wall Panel: Milk Motion by Marie Lauridsen – L’orangerie wall panel 1 R.

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Is there life after breakfast?

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