Standing in the way of light

Featuring Plastik Kratus Horns at Whimsical Event & Venge Fantasia Eyeshadow and Morrigan Lashes.

“Round we go in circles, does it have to be this hard? We can stop the fighting if you let down your guard. There’s still a way to make it right. We’ll find the strength this time and pull back this veil turn night into day. Don’t you know you’re standing in the way of the light?”

Featuring items


 Horns: Plastik by Aikea Rieko – New! Kratus
Whimsical Event, open until June 18.

  • Four types of horns that comes with a texture hud with 49 colors for horns and deco. Each cost 299L and there is an exclusive curl version in the fatpack!
  • Also included is a bare version without deco, wearing Esse Horns in the pictures.

✉ Plastik:
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 Eyeshadow & Lashes: Venge by Vixn Dagger – Fantasia & Morrigan.

  • Fantasia eyeshadow for Catwa & Omega heads, comes in 6 colors for 146L. Also available on Marketplace buy it here.
  • Morrigan Catwa Lashes comes in 6 colors for 249L, also available on Marketplace buy it here.

✉ Venge
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More credits
Head: Catwa by Catwa Clip – Catya.
Body: Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle – Lara.
Skin: Plastik by Aikea Rieko – Farore.
Ears: Swallow by Luciayes Magic – Noldor Elf Ears.

Eyes: Curemore by PsyQueen – Allergic.
Lipstick: Arte by Miriam Lemondrop – Metal Make-up.
Hair: Sintiklia by Sintikliasims – Olivia Summer Loving Hunt Gift!
Dress: Plastik & Storybrook by Aikea Rieko & Vix Nirvana – New! Areanae Dark Queen.
Bauhaus Movement by Loulou Teichmann – Flying Daggers.
*cm*.MESH by Chris Morrisey – New! Station @ The Darkness Monthly, open until May 28.

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Music: Birdy Standing In The Way Of Light



Standing in the way of light

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