Featured Designers

Thanks to all of the following fabulous designers for giving me the opportunity of blogging their items. List in Alphabetical order, please click on the links to go to named media/location.

 MainstoreMarketplaceFlickr, Flickr GroupFacebookTwitterWebsiteMailing list
By Alaska Metropolitan

Dark Passions
Dark Passions
Mainstore / Marketplace / BlogFlickr / Flickr Group / Facebook / Plurk.
By Bcreative Wilde

Designer Showcase
Designer Showcase- square logo FlickrBlogFacebook and Inworld Location.
Owner: Aisha Convair

Elle Boutique (Previously Slipper Originals)Elle Boutique (previously Slipper Originals)Marketplace, Flickr Group, Flickr, Facebook, Blog and Inworld Store.
By EllePolygon

GDitgdit-jewelry-outfits-logo-2016Marketplace Store and Flickr.
By Moz Loordes 

KosmetikKosmetikLogo.pngInworld Store, Marketplace, Website, FacebookOfficial Flickr and Flickr Group

The Plastik

Mainstore, Marketplace, Website, Facebook, Flickr, Flickr Group, Tumblr, Twitter
By Aikea Rieko

PapermoonPaperMoonInworld Store MarketplaceFlickr and Facebook.
By Mina Pelazzi


Inworld StoreMarketplaceFlickr and Flickr Group.
By Keira Lans


Inworld StoreMarketplaceRedelivery TerminalFacebook, Flickr and Flickr Group.
By RickJ Ewing.

VengeVenge Logo_2017_Skull Wing RectangleInworld store, Marketplace, Blog / Blog 2, Flickr, Facebook and Plurk.
By Vixn Dagger

Virtual DivaLOGO-DIVA-OVER-BLACK.Inworld Location, Marketplace, Facebook Fan Page, Flickr, Blog and Facebook.
By Angels Kristan

We Love To Blog
wltb logo 2017_1024x1024
WLTB Website
Owners: Katlene Niven & AnneAalyce Maertens
Manager: Taliferrue Cathaldus