The Beginning

The Beginning

White Queen Color Me Makeup + Tameless Hair Avatars Rosella
Tameless Hair & Avatars at Hair Fair + White Queen Color Me Makeup
Emberotic's Fashion Designs Willow top and skirt + Lisha Arm Straps
Emberotic’s Fashion Designs Willow top and skirt + Lisha Arm Straps at The Darkness event
Lisha Overknee High Boots
Lisha Overknee High Boots at The Darkness event



Clothes & Accessories 
☄ Outfit – Emberotic’s Fashion Designs by Emberotic Draconia – Willow Top/Skirt for Belleza/Maitreya/Slink Hourglass/TMP with texture hud of 7 colors @ The Darkness Monthly Event, open until July 31.
☄ Boots –  Emberotic’s Fashion Designs by Emberotic Draconia – Lisha Overknee High Boots for  Belleza/Maitreya/Slink also comes with a hud of 7 colors @ The Darkness Monthly Event.
☄ Hair – Tameless Hair & Avatars by Nita Bracken – Rosella Mega pack contains a hud with 30 colors Fades/Fantasy/Natural shades  @ Hair Fair 2017, open until July 16.
☄ Shoulder Pats – The Forge by Deccan Arida – Kato Pauldrons @ Lootbox, open until July 20.

Body & Cosmetics 
☄ Body/Bento Hands – Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle – Lara 4.1.
☄ Bento Head – Lelutka by JadenArt Resident – Simone v2.7.
☄ Skin –  Amara Beauty by Shantia Soulstar – Sylvia for Powder Pack Lelutka July.
☄ Makeup – White Queen by Agnieszka Rothamanay – Color Me Eyeshadow and Lipstick + hud of 10 eyeshadow/lipstick options for Catwa/Lelutka/Omega Heads.
Note: I decreased the opacity with the Lelutka Hud.
☄ Lashes – Arte by Miriam Lemondrop –  Mixed Styles for Powder Pack Lelutka July.
☄ Nails + polish – Astralia by Astralia Milandrovic – Almond base Compatible nails system for Maitreya.

Pose & Props
☄ Pose – Poseidon by Gryphon Vendetta – Twin Pistols F3.
☄ Photo Booth – Foxcity by Satomi Masukami – The Beginning Photo Booth @ The Crystal Heart Festival, open until July 31.


More on featured designers

☄ We Love To Blog Review Group
✉ Website

☄ Emberotic’s Fashion Designs – WLTB Designer
✉  Mainstore / Marketplace / Flickr / Facebook / Blog

☄ Tameless Hair & Avatars 
✉ Marketplace / Blog / Facebook / Flickr / Twitter

☄ White Queen
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WLTB post:



The Beginning


This looks features some exclusives from the Midsummer Enchantment event: Vengeful Threads necklace and SlackGirl nails. Also wearing White Queen new makeup and a sexy versatile bikini by KJIm. Look below pictures for all credits and info!



A closer look on the items, please click for a closer look:





Body & Cosmetics
🐜 Makeup – White Queen by Agnieszka Rothamanay – Beauty.
Hud contains 10 eyeshadow/lipstick options for Catwa/Lelutka/Omega.
 White Queen:
Mainstore / Marketplace / Flickr / Facebook.

🐜 Mesh head – Catwa by Catwa Clip (Jasim Abdullah) – Destiny.
🐜 Eyes – Curemore by Kaorinette – Scare Tissue Gacha Allergic Eyes.
🐜 Lashes – Okkbye by Elisaokkbye – Babydoll.
🐜 Body – Slink by Siddean Munro – Hourglass.
🐜 Skin –  Amara Beauty by Shantia Soulstar – Justine.
🐜 Ears – Pumec by Otyebis –  May/September Gacha #1.
🐜 Bento Hands –  Slink by Siddean Munro – Flat.

🐜 Nails –  SlackGirl by SlackGirl – Crow MeshNails for Vista/Maitreya/Tuty/ Slink Bento hands with colorhud of 8 options and option between plain nails or with the symbols @ Midsummer Enchantment, open until July 9. 
✉ Midsummer Enchantment:
Inworld location / Flickr / A Dark Passions event by Bcreative Wilde.
✉ SlackGirl:

Mainstore / Marketplace / Facebook / Flickr / Website.

Clothes & Accesorries
🐜 Swimsuit – KJIm by Kilolo Jenkins, WLTB Designer – Shimmer for Belleza, Slink and Maitreya with a colorhud of 21 colors/patterns, option to change left and right side color.
✉ KJIm:
Mainstore / Marketplace / Blog / Facebook  / Flickr Group.
✉ We Love To Blog Group: Website / WLTB Post.

🐜 Hair – Burley by Bella Earst – Tom @ Man Cave, open until July 9.

🐜 Necklace –  Vengeful Threads by Vinx Dagger – Aracna Necklace with a texture hud of 5 colors for gems and is resizeable @ Midsummer Enchantment, open until July 9.
✉ Vengeful Threads:
Mainstore / Flickr / Website / Marketplace / Facebook / Plurk.

🐜 Tongue – Aii The Ugly & Beautiful Designs by PrincessAii – Spider Tongue.

Pose & Sign
Pose – Nantra by Nancoix Urquan – Silent Movie 2 (modified).
🐜 Sign – Anxiety by Tyler Joseph – ‘They’re insane’ SL14B gift.

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Stained Glass Inspired

There it is again, another weekend. I hope you’ll enjoy it to the max. Happy Friday!

Stained Glass Inspired

I was in the mood for something more sporty or casual but with a touch of different. I had no idea where to start and then suddenly I saw that Vengeful Threads has a new facepaint at The Makeover Room event. I fell in love with it immediately. That is what I love about Vengeful Threads, you will always find stuff that will stand out.

Vengeful Threads Stained Glass Facepaint was the inspiration. It is an exclusive item for The Makeover Room Event and it comes with 6 colors, you can wear this on your regular system heads (it comes with tattoo layers), Catwa and Omega heads. I am wearing the facepaint on my Lelutka Simone bento head.

Here is a closer look at all the colors:

Stained Glass in Blue, Green and MagentaStained Glass in Orange, Purple and Redish


┅ Credits ┅

Body & Cosmetics
► Facepaint – Vengeful Threads by Vinx Dagger – Stained GlassThe Makeover Room Event, open until June 25.
More about Vengeful Threads ▼▼▼
Mainstore / Flickr / Website / Marketplace / Facebook / Plurk

► Eyes –   Slackgirl by SlackGirl – Laura for Powder Pack Lelutka June Edition.
► Skin and Lipstick –  Amara Beauty by Shantia Soulstar – Amy for Powder Pack Lelutka June Edition.
► Body – Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle – Lara 4.1.
► Bento Head – Lelutka by JadenArt Resident – Simone v2.7.

Clothes and Accessories 
► Sweater – .ingenue. by Mandalena Sivith – Sunday maxi sweater.
►  Hair – Y-U by Yazumoto – Derek.
►  Headband – LaGyo by Gyorgyna Iarnia – Alaya Chain Headbend @ Shinny Shabby.
►  Necklace – Disorderly & Moon Amore by Rogue Falconer & Psyqueen – 80s Party Time / Bubble Necklace @ Rewind.
► Backpack –  [sYs] by Systi Cisse – Ultra May Anniversary gift.

Decor and Pose
►  Pose –  {Way} poses by Kah Blaisdale – Alexandria 03.
►  Drape – Merak by Annellystone – Wall Drape – Inspire @ Shinny Shabby.

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Stained Glass Inspired