Beautiful Trauma

Featuring Kosmetik Unveil Eyebrows and Candid eyes. Please look for all credits below!

“It was you
The pill I keep taking
The nightmare I’m waking
There’s nothing, no nothing, nothing but you
My perfect rock bottom
My beautiful trauma” Pink – Beautiful Trauma.


Body & Cosmetics
■ Head & Shape – LAQ by Mallory Cowen – Nyx Bento.
■ Skin – Insol by Almercury – Vera.
■ Eyes – Kosmetik by Merredyth Resident – Candid @ Twe12ve, open until October 31.
*For Catwa and Omega eyes, includes mesh eyes ‖‖ Hud has 20 colors and is 399L.
■ Eyebrows – Kosmetik by Merredyth Resident – Unveil @ The Avenue, open until October 20.
*Compatible with Catwa and Omega heads ‖‖ Hud comes with 6 colors of glitter and normal versions (12 brows) ‖‖ 130L.
✉ Kosmetik: Mainstore ‖‖ Marketplace ‖‖ Website ‖‖ Facebook ‖‖ Flickr ‖‖ Flickr Group.

■ Mask – Astralia by Astralia – Fuck Reality mask @ Season Of The Witch, opens on October 14.
■ Moon jewel – Infinity by Infinityowner – Hekate Forehead Piercings @ Season Of The Witch, opens on October 14.
■ Hair – No.Match by N0match – No_Shiver @ On9, open until October 28.

■ Spartin Parx Poses by Spartin Parx – Freak 3 @ The Nightmare, open until October 30.

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Wishing everyone a great weekend!

Beautiful Trauma

Even the stars need darkness to shine

KiB Design & Persefona


Vengeful Threads Pyromania Lashes & Mesange Fiery Eyes

Clothes & Accessories 
✦ Cloak – KiB Designs by Kira Balestra – Dark Cloak for men & women, 3 mesh sizes + texture hud of 14 options @ The Darkness Event, open until July 31.
✦ Hair – Iconic by Neveah Niu – Mae @ Hair Fair 2017, open until July 16.
✦ Earrings – Supernatural by Sombria Baily – Leda.
✦ Stars – Persefona by Persefona – Magic Stars (on sale), comes with 12 options, resizer hud, main hud with the options to change the glow, animation (blinking lights) texture and transparency @ Cosmopolitan, open until July 15.
✦ Septum – Suicide Gurls by Beb418 – Willow.

Body & Cosmetics
✦ Bento Head – Catwa by Catwa Clip (Jasim Abdullah) – Catya.
✦ Skin – Insol by Almercury– Nicole.
✦ Eyeshadow – Vengeful Threads by Vinx Dagger – Morpheus / Marketplace.
✦ Lashes – Vengeful Threads by Vinx Dagger – Pyromania for Catwa, comes with a hut of 6 colors @ The Chapter Four, open until August 1.
✦ Eyes – Mesange by Jadis Ashland – Fiery, two for 1 sale (8 pairs + option to buy a beautypack (fatpack)) @ The Chapter Four, open until August 1.
✦ Lipstick – Adored by Ampersand Artful – Enamored lips.

✦ Pose –  Izzie’s by Izzie Button – Stand Still Pose Hud
✦ Photography tool – LUMIPro by Stefan Buscaylet.
✦ Windlight settings Firestorm – Orac – Black fog 1.

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✉ We Love To Blog Review Group:

✉ KiB Designs, WLTB Designer:
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 Persefona, WLTB Designer: 50% sale in the mainstore!
Mainstore / Flickr / Marketplace

✉ Mesange:
Mainstore / Marketplace / Flickr / Flickr Group / Facebook

✉ Vengeful Threads:
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Even the stars need darkness to shine

The Shadow In The Woods

It’s Christmas time, I can’t believe this year is practically over already!
While I’m home thinking on this past year experiences and contemplate what the next steps for 2017 are I realize something: We can be our worse enemies. Sometimes we might worry to much what other people think of us and we can be our worse critics but we can’t live life in fear of what others might think or to not live up to their expectations. No matter what you do or don’t there are always going to be people judging and you can always do better.
So don’t spend too much time worrying about what they might think and filling in the silence, as long as you are doing something positive and try to improve yourself, you are on the right track.


The Shadows In The Woods

Cozy at home, I am showing one of the outfits of Sinful Sunday from Vengeful Threads by Vixn Dagger. This is the  Driven Snow Outfit in Blue that comes with a mesh sweater and leggings, both have snowflakes print on them fitting this season. Included is also a snowflake belly ring.


Something awesome about Vengeful Threads new items is that you can easily combine them. Besides wearing Driven Snow Outfit I am also wearing:

The Shadows In The Woods


  • Catwa & Omega -Zara Eyeshadow @ Suicide DollZ (Open Until December 15)
  • Catwa Lashes – Yule and Yule Necklace @ TCF (Open Until December 21)
  • Slink & Omega Nails – Christmas Snow @ Frozen Fair (Open Until December 16)

The Zara eyeshadows and Yule Lashes are easy to combine and come in different colors. To make up for all the blue I decided to use the red colors. Here is a close up picture showing Vengeful Threads’s eyeshadow and lashes separately and combined. Plus the mesh eyes from Mesange by Jadis Ashland, Lark Rise Eyes an TCF exclusive:


Other color options available, all the Yule lashes has nice Christmas adornments! :

This outfit wouldn’t be complete without some shoes. I am wearing Slipper Originals by Elle Polygon – Lacey Pumps Group Gift. These are for Slink/Maitreya and Belleza and come in the colors red, black and green:



Wait…Something has been lurking in the shadows, it’s time to be brave and face what it is..or who.

The Shadows In The Woods

Nothing to be afraid of after all. It is the other me, wearing another outfit available at Vengeful Threads Sinful Sunday!
It’s the Chione in Blue coat that comes with a linked mesh hair. The hair comes in the color options black, brown, blond and red and the mesh coat has different sizes to fit your body. If you want to get the Sinful Sunday outfits be sure to get them before this Sunday.

The makeup I am wearing  is the Skadi Makeup Bundle for Catwa available @  Frozen Fair. It is a very cool item to have and does not only include the makeup but also lashes, mesh eyes and forehead adornment:

The Shadows In The Woods

I wore this with the Christmas Snow Omega and Slink nails again, the same nails from the first outfit, it has 10 color options! :


Credits Look #1

Clothes and accesories
Outfit and bellyring – Vengeful Threads by Vixn Dagger  – Driven Snow Outfit @ Sinful Sunday (Get them before this Sunday!)
Hair – Pr!tty by Karla Marama – Darla + Enchanted Headband Branch Wrap Lights gift @ The Forest October
Shoes – Slipper Originals by Elle Polygon – Lacey Pumps Group Gift

Make up, skin and body
Eyeshadow –  Vengeful Threads by Vixn Dagger – Zara Eyeshadow @ Suicide DollZ (Open Until December 15)
Eyelashes – Vengeful Threads by Vixn Dagger – Yule Catwa Lashes @ TCF (Open Until December 21)
Mesh eyes – Mesange by Jadis Ashland – Lark Rise Eyes @ TCF (Open Until December 21)
Nails – Vengeful Threads by Vixn Dagger – Christmas Snow Slink & Omega Nails @ Frozen Fair (Open Until December 16)

Skin –
Insol by Almercury – Catwa Skin Candy Chocolate @ Uber (Open until December 23)
Mesh Body – Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle– Lara
Mesh Head – Catwa by Catwa Clip – Destiny
Mesh Hands and feet – Slink by Slink Resident – Flat hands and High Feet

Pose#1 –  Posesion by Dahriel – Adore 6
Pose#2 –  Moccino by Patrick Hewer  – Morgana 4

House and decorations
Maya’s Buildings & Furniture by Czikitka – Winter House

Windlight Settings and photography
WL Sky  – PaperSnow
WL Water  – [TOR] Ice-like
Photography Tool – LUMIPro by Stefan Buscaylet 

Credits Look #1

Clothes and accesories
Cloak dress and hair – Vengeful Threads by Vixn Dagger  -Chione @ Sinful Sunday (Get them before this Sunday!)


Make up and skin and body
Eyeshadow, eyes, lashes, forehead accessory  –  Vengeful Threads by Vixn Dagger – Skadi Makeup Bundle  @ Frozen Fair (Open Until December 16)
Nails – Vengeful Threads by Vixn Dagger – Christmas Snow Slink & Omega Nails @ Frozen Fair (Open Until December 16)
Skin – Insol by Almercury – Catwa Skin Candy Milk @ Uber (Open until December 23)
Mesh Body, head, feet/hands same as in Look#1

Pose –  Posesion by Dahriel – War 4

Trees and patch – Inverse by Novocaine Islay – Woods Patch Winter made by Axel Bergan.

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By Vixn Dagger

Slipper Originals - Logo 1-1

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by EllePolygon 


Inworld Store , Marketplace and Flickr Group
Mesange’s satellite store  @  Mode St. Andres Shopping District.
by Jadis Ashland 

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By  Almercury 


The Shadow In The Woods