Featuring Tori’s Stylez Men Vyper Formal Collection at Designer Showcase.


Featuring item

👔 Suit: Tori’s Stylez by Torid Silverweb – New! Vyper Collection @ Designer Showcase, open until March 31.

  • Open Black Suit & Vest that comes with a texture hud to mix and match.
  • 10 colors for Tie & Vest and 2 Colors for shirts and buttons.
  • Suit option to change the jacket & pants to: Silk/Satin/Pin Stripe/Weave.
  • Fatpack is on 50% sale during the event and comes with 24 options for All/Tie/Shirt/Vest. Option to buy the 24 individual colors for 499L per color.
  • Compatible with Belleza-Jake, Signature-Gianni, Slink, Adam, TMP and Aestethic.
  • 5 standard FM Sizes and Alpha layer for classic/systems bodies.
  • Flickr Ad Picture.

✉️ Tori’s Stylez:
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 Designer Showcase: 
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a Convair.


More credits
Head/Body: Signature by Mona Delpiaz – Geralt.
Skin: Avenge by Mercury Avenge – Devon.
Eyes: Mesange by Jadis Ashland – Lephan.
Hair: Barber Shop by BarberShop – Harry.
Beard: Unorthodox by Tonio Harmison – Remix Beardbase Xtras.
Ring: Cerberusxing by Kamayari – Horny Skull.
Necklace: Kunst by Kunst Himmel – Christoph.
Shoes: Breath by Alfred James – Laceup boots.
Pose: Wrong & The Owl by Li (lifetisova) – Static Male Poses 21.
Backdrop: Paparazzi by Drew Sunflower – Pipes Walkway.
Lighting: LUMIPro by Stefan Buscaylet.

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