I’m a the monster?

Maybe I don’t look like you would want me to look.
I don’t do the things you find cool.
But who’s the true monster? The one who looks like one, or the one who acts like one?

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I’m a the monster?

How Come You Don’t Call Me


Raw close ups:





Bento Head – Lelutka by JadenArt Resident – Simone v2.7.
Body – Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle – Lara 4.1.
Skin – Essences by Inka Mexicola – Grazia.
Hair – Anachron by Nix Marabana – Daisy Hair.
Lashes – Tameless Hair & Avatars by Nita Bracken / WLTB Designer – [LeLutka] Lashes #7 (comes in 7 versions for Lelutka & Catwa).
Lipstick – Zibska by Zib Scaggs – Ione.
Collar – Venge by Vinx Dagger – Helotry Collar (resizeable with 7 colors and 2 metal colors) @ The Chapter Four, open until September 1.
Dress – Loordes of London by Coleen Macarthur / WLTB Designer- The Boardwalk-#4 in standard mesh sizes @ Hashtag Spotlight event, open until August 30.
Nails – Slipper Originals by Elle Polygon – Nerissa Fingernails with a hud to customize colors/stripes/anchor/stars of each nail @ Designer Circle, open until August 18.
Phone & Pose – Genesis Lab by GenesisLab – Luxury Dreams Bento Phone Rare.
Shoes – White Queen by Agnieszka RothamanayJuliet heel boots.


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How Come You Don’t Call Me